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5 Tips for when you’re Visiting Lebanon

There’s just so much to see and do in Lebanon. From ancient Roman ruins to marvellous cave formations, the country has it all. Deciding what’s worth experiencing in Lebanon can be a daunting task. But you can take the stress out of planning your upcoming vacation with our 5 tips for visiting Lebanon.

Discover the Jeita Grotto


Jeita Grotto is located amid lush greenery in the valley of Nahr El-Kalb, 18km north of Beirut. One of the most picturesque natural wonders in the Middle-East, the grotto consists of two crystallized limestone caves. What makes Jeita Grotto so special is its natural rock formations that remain untouched by civilization. Visitors can marvel at the extraordinary shapes of stalagmites and stalactites that have been naturally sculpted into various forms, sizes and colours. You can explore this beautiful site by walking around the upper cave or going on a boat ride along the lower cave.

Explore the Baalbek Ruins


Soak up the old-world atmosphere in Lebanon as you marvel at the architecture of the Roman ruins of Baalbek. Located 90km from Beirut, the awe-inspiring ancient ruins of Baalbek feature colossal structures that represent some of the finest examples of Imperial Roman architecture. Visit the ruins and walk in the footsteps of the ancient Romans on their way to worship. Highlights of this site include the Temple of Bacchus, the Temple of Venus, the Pregnant Woman Stone and the 3rd-century Propylaea. You can add some adventure to your Baalbek tour by going on a camel ride!

Sample the Kibbeh


Kibbeh is the national dish of Lebanon. It is a meat pie made of finely minced meat and bulgur cracked wheat. The meat is mixed with minced onions and then flavoured with spices such as clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. Kibbeh can be shaped into ball croquettes and fried or rolled into patties and then either baked or cooked in broth. Kibbeh is best served hot with yogurt and lime wedges. They go great with hummus, baba ganoush or tabouleh. Don’t miss out on Kibbeh while in Lebanon! Bite into the delicious fried exterior and let the spicy minced meat tantalize your taste buds. 

Get to know the local cuisine

Let’s face it: the food in Lebanon is one of the main reasons you’re visiting this beautiful country. Well, we have good news for you – there is so much to discover. We’d recommend mixing up your meals between street food stands, Beirut’s most authentic restaurants and innovative fusion restaurants with surprisingly creative dishes. And don’t forget to make a quick pitstop at one of the local restaurants when you’re driving through the country – this is where we found the most delicious bread that was being made right in front of us!

Tour Beirut


Vibrant and historical, Beirut is the colourful capital of Lebanon. From the atmospheric architecture to the hipster coffee shops, spectacular coastal views and amazing museums and galleries, Beirut has it all. Top highlights include Raouche Sea Rock, a stunning set of natural rock formations that are popularly visited during sunset. Art lovers will find their niche at the National Museum that showcases archaeological artefacts from the country’s long history. For a taste of the pulsing nightlife in Beirut, head over to Mar Mikhael Street and Gemmayze.

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