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Our COVID-measures


We are facing some challenges these days. Not just us, at The Chef’s Cut, but the whole world needed to adapt to the ‘new normal’. For us, this meant that we could no longer take travelling for granted. A bitter pill to swallow.

However, this doesn’t mean we won’t look at the future anymore. We are still passionate about food, about local communities, about discovering the world and its flavours and bout bringing foodies together (albeit online).

That’s why we keep striving to offer you the best possible experience. And here are a few things we’ve done so far.

Workshops & events

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As long as the Belgian COVID-rules allow us to organise workshop and events we will organise our Barista Workshop and Wine Tastings for small groups. Please note, that our maximum capacity has reduced to comply with the restrictions – so we can always respect social distancing. We disinfect all of equipment and the highest hygiene standards are being used to keep you safe. We would recommend bringing your own face mask.

Please note that we’re closely following advice from Belgian Health Department so we can provide a safe environment for you. This might mean we have to change group sizes, or postpone certain events. We will inform everyone that has booked personally in case anything changes.

Culinary Trips

At the moment, we are not offering any culinary package trips since the rules regarding travelling are not stable enough to offer you a smooth and comfortable experience.

However, if you are interested in booking a custom-made culinary trip with us for a small group, we can help you. Together, we can find safe destinations and activities for your family, bachelor weekend or business trip.

The Chef’s Cut Academy

With the new worldwide shift to (everything) online, we decided it was time to create an online platform for cooking aficionados all over the world. That’s why we launched our Academy (previously known as Local Food Diaries). We reached out to chefs, partners, sommeliers and food bloggers all over the world and got their authentic recipes and videos for you to try.

Due to the big succes, we decided to use our Chef’s Cut Academy for online courses. We’re working hard on the content, and have partnered up with sommeliers in France, baristas in Italy and cooks in Lebanon so we can offer some exciting courses for you in the future.

For most recent information, please follow our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter.

And as always, stay safe ✌️

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