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The Ideal Itinerary for Montenegro

Montenegro is a must-visit destination for any trip to Europe. Boasting a sun-soaked seaside, pristine nature and fascinating culture, the stunning little country has something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy the idyllic coastal towns, monumental mountain-top memorials and some of Europe’s most spectacular nature. Read on for the finest destinations to include in your Montenegro itinerary.



Podgorica Montenegro
Source: Kongres Magazine

The vibrant capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, boasts intriguing architecture, a buzzing nightlife, and an abundance of historical sites and plenty of green space. Kick start your tour of Podgorica with a walk around the stone ruins of Ribnica and Adzi Pasha Bridge, before heading on to Kralkev Park. In the afternoon, you can visit Plantaze Sipcanik winery for a tour of the vineyards and some wine tastings. At the old town of Stara Varos, you can enjoy some traditional Montenegrin food. At night, visitors can head over to Bokeska Street in downtown Podgorica for some bar hopping.


Ada Bojana


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Ada Bojana is essentially a nature reserve with a splendid beach that is partly reserved for naturists. The beautiful region of Ada Bojana attracts tourists in droves with its breathtaking sunsets and traditional seafood restaurants that serve freshly caught fish. The beach offers respite from the hustle and bustle of the city, and visitors come here to relax, sunbathe or sip cocktails at a beach bar. Adrenaline seekers can also enjoy great windsurfing and kitesurfing here on summer afternoons.




Kotor Montenegro

Set between a high mountain and a picturesque bay, Kotor is a blissful coastal town on the Adriatic. Visitors can climb the 1,355 ancient steps to the top of San Giovanni Fortress where you can enjoy the best view in Kotor. You can also take a walk through the historic old town’s narrow cobbled streets past museums, churches, old barracks and traditional restaurants.





Bar Montenegro
Source; MontegroPulse

A coastal town, Bar boasts a charming history and some of the finest activities on the entire coast of Montenegro. To get the inside scoop on Montenegro’s cultural mix, head over to Bar’s old town. The old stone town offers a mix of ruins, art gallery and museum, while the colourful streets and restaurants feature a distinct eastern flair. King Nikola’s Palace is the main cultural attraction in Bar. Visitors can explore the palace museum which is filled with folk costumes and other authentic memorabilia. Stari Bar is also worth a visit with its old houses and shops, ruined streets and places overrun by nature.




Source: Viator

Once the sun goes down and the rakija comes out, you will understand why Budva is the most popular destination in Montenegro. With its stunning seaside setting, Budva is a popular spot for hosting beach parties. During the day, visitors can wander through the charming alleyways of the picturesque old town past numerous boutiques, restaurants and bars.

No visit to Montenegro is complete without seeing Sveti Stefan. Enjoy an afternoon swim in the sparkling azure waters surrounding the breathtaking 15th-century island, then laze around on its pink pebble beach. In the evening, watch the sun set over the Adriatic as you dine on freshly caught seafood dinner.


Lake Skadar


Lake Skadar Montengero
Source: Lonely Planet

Europe’s biggest bird reserve, Lake Skadar is one of the best bird-watching destinations on the continent. The lake is filled with ducks, pelicans and cormorants and during spring you can see the mating dances and fledglings. It’s also a great spot for cooling off during summer with a pleasant swim. During autumn, birders can enjoy watching the massive number of migratory species that arrive on the lake.

Visitors to the beautiful lake can spend a wonderful afternoon cruising in a traditional fishing boat, stopping at attractions along the way such as the magnificent Kom Monastery. After a breathtaking trip around the lake, you may indulge in some traditional food and wine tastings at boutique wineries.


Would you like to explore Montenegro’s best destinations? We organise a 5-day culinary tour through this beautiful country, where we won’t only show you the best views and towns – but we’ll introduce you to Montenegro’s fascinating cuisine.


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