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Why should you hire a restaurant consultant?

Do you own a restaurant or are you planning to open one? Then a restaurant consultant can help you in every aspect of your business: from drawing up a business plan to setting up the restaurant and putting together a menu. Read more about it in this blog.

Drawing up a business plan

If you are planning to open a restaurant, a consultant can help you transform your creative idea into a concrete, realistic business plan. This makes it easier for you to attract interested and motivated investors. And to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. A good business plan is the foundation of your restaurant. A safety net.

Thanks to their experience, consultants know what works and what doesn’t. In other words: they have the needed know-how to make your idea profitable. When drawing up the business plan, they implement realistic goals. A healthy balance between costs and income.


Putting a menu together

Creating a menu is not easy. As a restaurant owner, you can’t simply put everything on the menu that you like. There must be a logical coherence between the different dishes. The menu has to tell a story. And then preferably one that makes money for your restaurant.

Restaurant consultants, therefore, examine which ingredients have a high-profit margin and which don’t. Based on that knowledge and the style of your restaurant, they provide an attractive and profitable mix of dishes. There must be a good balance between the food costs and the required labour to create the dishes.

They use menu choices to attract your target group, determine what kind of food is relevant to your customers and coordinate market decisions. They also set the right price for your dishes. Expensive food can give your restaurant exclusivity, while cheaper dishes attract more customers.


Planning the operations

Staff costs are the biggest burden for owners of restaurants. And many restaurants are choking on it. You can make the mistake of not having enough staff. Or just too many employees. A consultant, on the other hand, knows how many people you need to get the job done.

Decorating the restaurant

The atmosphere in your restaurant must be perfect. If not, your customers will never return. Or just step outside. Even the smallest details contribute to the satisfaction of your customer. Just think of the chair on which he has to sit, the decor of your restaurant, the table cover and so on.

A restaurant consultant uses colors and shapes that are complementary. He knows which fabrics feel comfortable, which art appeals to the imagination and how to arrange the space.


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