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Why You Should Join on a Culinary Trip

Foodies can research a destination as thoroughly as possible. But this won’t necessarily result in a satisfying culinary experience. This is especially so for locations where language is a challenge or where specific delicacies are sought after. That’s when you really need to call in the experts: the food tour guides. Read on to find out why you should try a food tour during your upcoming vacation.

Explore the Authentic Cuisine

A food vacation enables you to explore new gastronomic delights at their places of origin. Your local foodie guide will introduce you to the most authentic dishes in the city to ensure you enjoy the best experience. You will explore the best eateries and also have the chance to interact with locals. Always go hungry on a food tour as you will be tasting the best local dishes and food produce.

Food Beirut
An authentic mezze in Beirut

Learn from Local Experts 

Your host is a local chef or foodie guide who will explain everything in detail and answer all your questions. Your local insider will share their knowledge on the destination, the dishes you sample, their ingredients, preparation and culinary traditions. They will entertain you with stories only a local would know, and which you can’t find in a guide book. Because most food tours are limited to small groups, you get to enjoy an intimate experience with more attention from your guide.

Greek wine tasting
A wine tasting with the best Greek wines

Discover New Destinations

One of the best ways to get to know a new destination is by tasting its food. Booking a food tour is a great option as you are guided by local foodies who know foods and eateries that most tourists are unaware of. A good food tour will introduce you to the city or country, and leave you with great knowledge, a full belly and a desire for more.

Sea in Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon

Connect with other Foodies

For some people, food is a hobby that pushes food enthusiasts to travel just so they can try authentic local food. On a culinary trip, there are opportunities to meet other food lovers. You get the chance to chat, share opinions, experiences and recommendations for the next food tour. Fellow foodies may even encourage you to try foods that you wouldn’t think of trying on your own! 

Olive Oil tasting Montenegro
Wine Tasting in Montenegro

Upgrade your Cooking Skills

Many food tours include cooking classes where you get to learn how to prepare new dishes. You may visit a local market to purchase ingredients or even pick your own fresh produce straight from the farm. An expert chef then guides you in preparing authentic local dishes before feasting on your own creations. After the class, you may take away recipes to perfect at your own leisure. Once back home, thrill your friends and family by cooking them a delicious exotic meal. 

A cooking class in Morocco

Enjoy a Unique Travel Experience 

Rarely is a food tour just about sampling delicious food. Most culinary trips include unique activities and cultural tours. This way, you get to learn more about a country’s culture, history and origins of its delicious cuisine. 

Boat tour Montenegro
Boat ride in Montenegro

Get to know a Country and Culture through its Cuisine 

A food tour is the best way to get to know a country. During your tour, all your senses are engaged. You get to see the highlights of a city, its colours and beauty. You get to smell diverse aromas at the food markets and taste the flavours of delicious dishes. You also get to hear the sounds of the city and feel its vibes. In addition to the local recipes and ingredients, you will learn about a country’s neighbourhoods, landmarks, culture and local traditions.

Locals in Puglia

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