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Why You Should Join Us To Greece

Our farm to table tour in the area of Sparta, Eumelia is perfect for adventurous, travel-friendly food lovers. This tour has specifically been put together for these foodies who are looking to discover the fresh and very healthy Greek cuisine and terroir in a very unique yet increasingly popular farm to table experience. Getting to live the rich history and culture of the Greeks that dates back thousands of years whilst enjoying their exceptional and wholesome cuisine is an experience that you surely don’t want to turn down.

Here are a couple of reasons why you can’t miss out on our newest culinary trip to Greece – put together by foodies for foodies.


1. We’ll teach you everything about farm to table

Farm to Table cooking in Greece
Farm to Table cooking in Greece

We’ll start our trip with a delicious zero kilometre farm to table dinner prepared by our local chef. Here, we will get a full introduction to the farm to table concept, where we will try organic vegetables and local delicacies to form an original and unique culinary experience.

We will also participate in an informative sustainability tour that will allow us to learn about environmental technology, organic farming methods, and self- sustainability.


2. We’ll get to stay in beautiful eco-villas

Accommodation during our Greece trip

During our trip, we’ll stay at the Eumelia organic agro-tourism farm with the Greek farmers where we will get to cook and live with them and, therefore, experience the authentic Greek way of living. What’s more, a variety of health and holistic are available for you on site.

We will feel more connected to the Earth and nature as we will be getting our high quality daily produce, fresh fruits and vegetables, directly from the garden. A number of exciting activities await us in Greece, including wine tasting in the vineyard and olive oil harvesting and tasting with the locals!


3. You’ll get a 101 on Greek for in the Kitchen


In order to get you more confident within the Greek cuisine, we’re offering you an introduction to the Greek language – focused on foodies only. We will cover the basics such as learning the right words to use in the kitchen, ordering food at a restaurant and shopping for groceries at the local Greek market.


4. We’ll try some delicious Greek wines

Greek wine tasting
A wine tasting with the best Greek wines

And of course, we will indulge in Greek natural wine tasting and how to pair these with food. We will find out about the grape varieties in Greece through the five natural organic wines which are paired with local cheeses and cured meat. Walking through the vineyards, we will also learn about the history and the biodynamic practices of wine followed in Greece.

5. You’ll get to see Sparta and surroundings

And even though we know food is your soft spot, we won’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the cultural sites of this beautiful country. Our trip includes a visit to the historic ancient city of Sparta, the mountain Taygetos, the village of Kastania and the Byzantine seaside Castletown of Monemvasia. Bring your camera!


Who’s just as excited as us about this culinary trip to Greece? Make sure to reserve your spot for the next one, see you there!

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